Gong Yoo: 5 Interesting Facts About The Star Of ‘Goblin’ And ‘The Train To Busan’

Gong Yoo
Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo is reveling in a whole new surge of popularity due to the success of his new Korean drama Goblin, also known as Guardian: The Lonely And Great God. On the Nielsen Korea TV content index, a measure of a drama’s popularity, Goblin has surpassed other high-profile shows like Lee Min Ho’s The Legend Of The Blue. It’s on its way to becoming a certified blockbuster.

With new success comes new fans who may not know that much about Gong Yoo and his career. So, we’ve put together 5 interesting facts about the 37 year old actor from Busan.

Gong Yoo is not his real name

According to this article on Soompi, Gong Yoo is a stage name. His real name is Gong Ji Chul. His stage name brings together both of his parents last names.

Coffee Prince made him famous

As Drama Fever notes, Gong Yoo did not become a household name in South Korea until he starred in Coffee Prince, a kdrama that aired in 2007. On the show, Yoo played Choi Han-Kyul, the handsome son of a wealthy man, who refuses to settle down and commit to one woman. In an effort to rebel against his family’s wishes Han-Kyul employs a young delivery “boy,” Eun Chan, to pretend to be his gay lover. Soon Gong Yoo’s character starts feeling confused as he begins to develop romantic feelings for Chan. The truth is that Eun Chan isn’t a boy but a girl in disguise. Coffee Prince earned Gong Yoo an MBC Acting Award in 2007.

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