What’s Going On With Gwen Ifill And Twitter?

Jordyn Taylor
Gwen Ifill (Getty)
Gwen Ifill (Getty)

Gwen Ifill (Getty)

There's something weird happening on Twitter involving PBS anchor Gwen Ifill, and nobody seems to know what's going on.

Starting around 2pm, a series of seemingly unrelated Twitter accounts posted tweets that simply read "f gwenifill."



Because nobody has anything better to do on this Tuesday afternoon than make conjectures about a dumb Twitter hack, the Twitterverse is a-buzz with theories about the origins of the f gwenifill tweet. Was it an attempt at a #ff gone horribly wrong? Some disgruntled PBS intern wanting to publicly curse Ms. Ifill? A clever, high-tech ploy by Ms. Ifill to up her Twitter presence?



Who knows! But let's just follow Ms. Ifill anyway, because she's cool.