‘Godzilla is real’: Video of giant lizard terrorising store goes viral

Graeme Massie
·1 min read
<p>Video of giant lizard terrorising store in Thailand goes viral</p> (Facebook)

Video of giant lizard terrorising store in Thailand goes viral


A giant Asian lizard shocked shoppers as it explored a 7-Eleven store in Thailand.

The water monitor walked through the aisles before climbing shelves and knocking goods to the floor to surprised squeals from onlookers.

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“The shelves are ruined! Oh my God,” a witness can be heard saying on the video, which was originally posted to Facebook before going viral.

Water monitors are commonplace in Thailand and at up to 8ft in length are the second largest lizard in the world, after the Komodo dragon, which is also a type of monitor.

The brief clip ended with the water monitor coming to rest on the top of the shelves while customers laughed at the situation.

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The lizards are not a big threat to humans and normally eat eggs, small animals and carrion.

But in 2020 a dead infant was found partially eaten by the lizards in southern Thailand, although investigators were unsure if the youngster was already dead or killed by the lizards.

“Godzilla is real guys,” wrote one social-media user as the incident comes a week after Godzilla vs Kong was released simultaneously in US cinemas and on HBO Max.

Observers say the lizard may have entered the store to escape high humidity outside.