‘God is amazing’: Father shares emotional video of daughter’s car speared by guardrail

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – It was a close call for a young Tennessee driver after her car was speared by a guardrail and left upside down.

“God is amazing,” Kenzie Mullins said, as she walked away with only a few scratches and bruises.

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Her father’s compelling video of the aftermath and the incredible outcome is reaching hundreds of thousands on social media.

“My daughter called me this morning and she was just saying over and over again, ‘Dad, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,'” Mullins’ father, Kevin, explained in the video showing the wreckage.

At around 7:30 a.m. Sunday, March 24, Kevin received a call from Kenzie, his 17-year-old daughter. Less than a mile from their home on Oliver Chapel Road in Bradford, Tennessee, Kevin found Kenzie’s SUV upside down, speared with a guard rail.

WATCH: TN father shares emotional video of daughter’s car speared by guardrail

“That guardrail is on the drivers side; she crawled out the back window and she was in the road when I got here,” Kevin frantically explained in the video.

Through pictures, it appears as though the guardrail entered the driver’s side of Kenzie’s SUV and exited on the passenger, narrowly missing her.

Kevin was left in disbelief as Kenzie walked away from the crash.

“As bad as this looks, as bad as this is, I want you to see something. You’ve got to see this,” Kevin said in the video as his voice cracked. “This is my daughter. She was in this car. My God is an amazing God. She’s got a little bit of scratches on her hands, a little bit of scratches on her feet and that’s all.”

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The emotional father was moved to praise God for sparing his daughter’s life, while urging others to worship Him as well.

“I serve an amazing God. If you don’t believe in him this morning, you can look at this,” Kevin said in the video.

Kenzie posted on social media thanking everyone that has prayed for her, saying, “God is amazing,” adding that there’s no other reason she made it out of the wreck.

“I am probably the least deserving person for God to do this for. I know many people that have lost family members. That doesn’t mean God loves me more than them, and I pray God will give His peace that passes all understanding to those families,” Kevin told News 2.

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He went on to say he is thankful for the fast response by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Bradford Police Department, Gibson County Sheriff’s Department, Gibson County EMS, fire department, and first responders.

An East Tennessee father has made it his mission to raise awareness on how dangerous guardrails can be after losing his 17-year-old daughter in a crash in 2016. In his latest efforts, Stephen Eimers has asked the Tennessee Department of Transportation to perform on-foot inspections to make sure guardrails are installed properly.

Although this incident did not happen on a state road, TDOT shared its process for inspecting guardrails:

  • TDOT’s standard procedure requires inspection after all new installations and repairs.

  • All new guardrail installations follow the manufacture’s guidelines and are installed in accordance with TDOT standard drawings and specifications.

  • The department maintains circular letters containing inspection guidance, FHWA Roadside Hardware Policy and Guidance resources, AASHTO publications, and manufacturer’s installation checklists for TDOT approved systems to assist during inspection of new installations and repairs.

TDOT utilizes guardrail contractors for all guardrail installation and repairs; so in addition to the above:

  • Contract special provisions require that the contractor be certified by various manufacturers prior to the installation and repair of guardrail systems.

  • Guardrails are inspected following the initial installation and after repairs are made by the Regional on-call guardrail contractors.

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