Glenn Beck Bids the Nation Farewell (Sort Of)

Peter Hyman
The Atlantic Wire
Glenn Beck Bids the Nation Farewell (Sort Of)

As was widely expected given today's news, Glenn Beck directly addressed his nationwide audience of 1.5 million true believers and casual fans, "taking a few minutes to discuss something personal between you and me." What followed for the next 3 minutes was a rambling address wherein he talked about a number of things, none of which involved a direct or clear statement that was leaving the show, or what he was going to do next.

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It was an odd, obtuse moment in the television arts, and it almost felt as though he were speaking in code.  Maybe he was.  As journalists who only watch Beck out of professional responsibility perhaps we're missing some tacit mind meld or subliminal cues. 

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Among the things that the departing host of "Glenn Beck" did explicitly mention were:

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  • He does not like confrontation or conflict.
  • He did not take the Fox job because it was going be a career. (Here he made a bizarre comparison to Paul Revere, noting that eventually Revere got off his horse and went back to being a silversmith).
  • He believes we are heading for "deep and treacherous waters."
  • He believes he and his audience will be able "find each other."
  • He will continue to "tell the story."
  • He has "other things to do." (He did not specify what those thing were)
  • Our only business is the "business of freedom."
  • Fox is one of the only places you will find truth.

Here is a clip of his address.

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