Glass Menagerie: Momofuku

Virginia Heffernan, Yahoo News
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Glass Menagerie Virginia Heffernan

by Virginia Heffernan | @YahooTech

I've been wearing Google Glass, Google's wearable Internet contraption, since Friday. (You can read the first entry in my Glass Menagerie journal here, the second entry here and the most recent entry here.)

So far, groovy Brooklynites seem to see Google's pricey headgear the way they see Gucci loafers—like something for showoffs and chumps. It's sorta pathetic. I was hoping we could share in some good old American excitement over new technology. But they're ignoring me.

Anyway, Glass wasn't a hit when I wore it to Smith Canteen, my usual coffee shop, so yesterday I decided to go somewhere seemingly more hospitable to technology: Momofuku Milk Bar. Hip people love cookies? Maybe I was grasping at straws. I definitely was grasping at straws. So here's the video I made, from my head, when I cravenly sought attention yesterday at Momofuku Milk Bar. Watch especially the snub by the cool-looking chick at the end. Sigh.

Transcript: "Since the people are using technology here, like a laptop, maybe they won't really hate this thing because they're not quite as steampunk as they are at Smith Canteen. But I'm still alone. And I'm still talking to myself. So let's face it. Oh, and I still have—this hair. . .[unintelligible]. They have yoga mats and instruments. They're just like healthy, hearty people. Brooklynites. Without a care in the world. No straws, though. Ah, straws! That's like a person that would work at Momofuko. They just don't say anything. I feel like I'm a really low-level forgotten has-been reality contestant? — who everyone just wants to avert their eyes from. Well, at least I found a straw. I can't believe I used to fit in here."