Glam Slam: Taylor Swift's Retro Chic Style

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Taylor Swift -- Getty Images

"I go through different phases," Taylor Swifts says about her style. "Right now, I'm in a very kind of vintage dress phase."

And we love it!

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How cute is Taylor Swift? She's the ultimate girlie girl.

I love her retro style and how she rocks her signature cat eye makeup and red lips. Perfect since her new CD "Red" is expected to sell a million copies this week.

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I guess her whirlwind promotional tour is paying off! But having so many appearances called for a lot of wardrobe changes.

"You can't do all your shopping yourself when there's like 50 things to dress for a week," she tells us. "So I have a stylist who knows exactly what I love and he just brings in a giant rack of clothes and we go, 'This one, this one, this one, this one.'

"It's easy when you have a team of people that really kind of get you. But this is definitely a phase that I'm in," she laughs about her love of all things vintage.

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To have a style team who brings you a rack of clothes sounds like heaven to me!

"Oh it's really exciting!" Taylor says. "Because you're like, 'Oh it's coats and it's dresses and it's skirts!'"

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Taylor admits so many fittings can get tedious though.

"I mean when you have done like 4 fittings a week though, you're like 'Ughh,'" she says jokingly.

"I shouldn't complain about it," she smiles. "That's ridiculous."

Always a professional, extremely talented and just plain nice. Taylor's the real deal, the whole totally stylish package.

-- Ryan Patterson

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