Glam Slam: Summer Style Staples

June 7, 2012
Eva Longoria wears an outfit that is perfect for Summer -- Getty Images

I was enjoying a nice Italian lunch outside at the Grove the other day when a girl walked by wearing a fabulous navy blue blouse with red sailboat print. To be honest, I wouldn't wear something so preppy, but I love the IDEA of it and I loved it on her. It makes me think of the East Coast, Nantucket, the South Carolina beaches where I grew up, clam bakes and beach BBQ's. In other words, that one shirt epitomized Summer. Here are a few other Summer style staples!

STRIPED TEES Even though I wear them year round, a striped tee screams Summer to me and conjures up images of the Cote D 'Azure. (look how great Eva Longoria looks!) I have tried to wean myself off the striped tee look and have even tried to put myself on a striped tee diet. So far, I am not doing all that well. I've bought two shirts for the summer to add to my already large stack of French-inspired tees... one a classic blue and white stripe and the other a nod to the neon trend with bright orange and white stripes.

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WHITE PANTS A classic! For me, it's all about white jeans in particular. Pair with navy for a more classic look or go for sleek black and white, which you can easily take from day to night.

SUMMER SANDALS I cannot even imagine trying to get through Summer without a pair of cute sandals to help keep you cool. I wear them with everything- sundresses, white jeans, pants, shorts, and bathing suits. Flat Summer sandals are one of the most versatile things you can own and you can get stylish ones anywhere from Target to Gucci.

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SUMMER HAT An absolute must. Helps protect skin and hair from the elements as well as injecting a huge dose of style to any outfit. Big floppy hats look great if you are poolside... I usually go for a fedora. A plus? Hats hide a multitude of hair sins.

CUTE SHORTS Despite what you may think, just about anyone can wear shorts... it's all about finding the most flatting length for your shape and body type. Personally, I go for longer lengths, because I am so pale. I think erring on the longer side is also more age appropriate.

SHADES Sunglasses are an easy way to up the style quotient and introduce some glamour into your look, as well as helping protect your skin and eyes from the sun. Ray Ban Wayfarers are a classic shape, which look timeless and are flattering on many face types. Aviators and oversize Jackie O type shades are other go-to shapes that never go out of style.

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THE PERFECT WARM WEATHER 'DO The ponytail. It gets your hair away from your face and off your neck, which is key during hot weather, not to mention, helping keep humidity-frizzed hair in check. A ponytail can look cute and sporty or sleek and stylish -- just wrap and pin some hair around your pony to give it a more dressed up look.

--Ryan Patterson

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