Glam Slam: Who Would Pay $39,000 For A Backpack?

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Crocodile Backpack by The Row -- Getty Images

Um, not me! I mean it's a nice bag and all. It's from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's uber-upscale and understated line The Row. The bag is made of crocodile, which is extremely expensive, but really? Almost FORTY thousand dollars? For a backpack?

Apparently, the bags are selling out at Barneys New York.

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WHO spends that kind of money on a backpack is the obvious question? WHY would they spend so much? Especially during these economic times.

"It was the first thing that sold off the shelf," Ashley Olsen told Women's Wear Daily.

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Even if I had that kind of dough, I would not spend it on a backpack--crocodile or not! With that kind of money, I might buy, oh, I don't know, a CAR maybe! Purse or car? Purse or car? A no-brainer for 99% of the population!

For luxury loving fashionistas, this practically makes the Hermes Birkin bags look like a steal at a mere eight thousand dollars. If you want a Birkin in crocodile, those start at 30 grand, so the Olsens are aiming for the big guns with their first bag collection.

Who would have thought the cute 'Full House' twins would go from selling affordable clothes (including backpacks!) at Wal Mart to backpacks worth a nice car? I, for one, certainly didn't see it coming.

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