Glam Slam: Mouse Couture

Ryan Patterson and daughter Harlow at Disneyland -- Access Hollywood

I took my 2-year-old to Disneyland for the first time this week. I myself hadn't been in more than 15 years. Just seeing the sign when you enter the park, "Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow, And Fantasy" immediately put me in the Disney spirit.

It was so much fun to watch my daughter take in everything for the first time. I also had a field day doing one of my favorite thing -- people-watching. I love to check out "street style" wherever I go, but Disneyland was kind of like a one day high-style vacation -- I only saw one designer bag all day.

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I could count on one hand the number of truly fashionable people. One girl's cute style caught my eye and I had plenty of time to check out her outfit, as I passed by her many, many times in line for the Teacups ride! She had on a mid-length skirt belted paperbag style, paired with brown boots and striped sweater, and her hair was in a chic ponytail.

I liked her fashion sense, but the funny thing is she almost looked out of place. Most people were about being festive and having fun, not high fashion.

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Christmas sweaters? The more the merrier! Wacky hats? Right on! Christmas tree light necklaces? Why not? Matching couples' outfits? Hey, go for it! Fanny packs and backpacks? For sure!

That's the magic of Disney--it brings out the kid in all of us. How else to explain the group of women wearing Christmas tree light necklaces that really light up? Or the guys wearing fake Captain Jack Sparrow braids?

Or even how a grown woman, ahem, is now the proud owner of her very own monogrammed mouse ears hat? You know, the one that matches her two-year-old daughter's?

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And THAT'S why it's the happiest place on earth.

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