Glam Slam: Go Big Or Go Home

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Birthday girl Harlow & her parents at her Posh Pirate Party -- Access Hollywood

My daughter Harlow recently turned two and we threw a birthday party for her at our house. A few people have been teasing and razzing us about the party being over-the-top for a two-year-old who won't remember it.

Maybe they are right, but boy did we have fun planning it. It was a "Posh Pirate Party" and we had pirate flags on pink cupcakes, lots of pirate coins and beads and a "treasure" chest for the gifts people brought. There was "pirate booty" in the skull and crossbones goodie bags, of course!

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Guests even walked a plank to get into the party. But I'm sure what put it over the edge was the huge pirate ship that covered our front wall. Our contractor friend Al (our daughter calls him "Owl") built it as her birthday present.

Sure... we didn't NEED to have a ship... or maybe even half the decorations we had... but so what? If you're gonna do something, why not go all out?

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If you're getting married, for example... don't you try to make the day as special as you can? If you have a job interview, don't you show up dressed to perfection and beyond prepared to make a lasting impression?

If you're a star, you don't show up at the Oscars in a great dress without the fabulous hair and makeup to go with it, right? You go all out. (Otherwise, be prepared to be crucified in the press!) Or, let's say, your team is headed to the Super Bowl... you're gonna go there and give it everything you've got... and then some. It's all about making an effort... to make things as great as you possibly can.

Why do ANYTHING half-heartedly? Especially when it comes to your children, your spouse, your family or yourself.

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So I look at it like this... she only turns two once, so why not celebrate to the max? In the end... the moments and memories we create are what matter most. And I can guarantee she ain't gonna forget her pink pirate ship anytime soon!

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