GJPD sends alert on new scam

GJPD sends alert on new scam

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Grand Junction Police are warning residents about a new scam.

An elderly woman reported the scam to GJPD after a man pretending, he was helping her, stole personal belongings from her car.

The victim said a well-dressed man approached her in a store parking lot and told her the tire on her car was flat.

As they both checked on the condition of the tire, another suspect reportedly reached into her car and stole her wallet.

Police Service Technician from GJPD Mary Speer says although situations like this are uncommon here in Grand Junction, you should always be aware.

“Every suspicious circumstance we receive, every theft, every fraud, they’re thoroughly investigated to the best of our ability. What we’re concerned with in situations like this is there are rings of individuals that will travel cross country, off major interstates and hit and area. Steal several wallets from individuals and then they are going to leave the area. They typically will not stay in town very long, but we do see them coming and going as they cross the country. So, it’s always a good idea to just be alert and no matter what the circumstance is, time of year, just be aware of your surroundings.”

GJPD encourages you to contact police if you become a victim of theft and file an online report or call (970) 549-5000.

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