29 things Gizmodo and Gawker writers can't stop doing

Jason Gilbert
Gawker can't stop staring at this clock, for example.

1. Watching This Woman’s Epic Apple Store Meltdown

2. Laughing At These Funny Computer Error Messages

3. Looking At This Puppy Spinning In A Bowl

4. Thinking About This Weird Chinese Oreo

5. Smiling Over Google Chrome’s New Ad

6. Watching This Coin Rolling On A Treadmill

7. Looking At These GIFs of Illegal Activities

8. Reading the Texts Women Send to HeTexted

9. Watching This Bullet Shot Underwater

10. Watching This Ice Cream Sandwich Factory

11. Laughing At These Photoshopped Mac Pros

12. Watching Commenters Face Their Comments In Real Life

13. Staring At This Clock’s Ticking Six Mark

14. Laughing Because HTC Is Charging $80 for Its Tablet Stylus

15. Watching This Cute Dog Play Fetch With Himself

16. Staring at These Instagrams from North Korea

17. Reading This Review of Tao Lin’s New Novel

18. Watching This Hilariously Stilted Japanese Domino’s Ad

19. Looking at These 2012 Photos of Some Super-Cool Dude Named Barack Obama

20. Staring At This Tetris-y iPhone Game

21. Watching These Chinese People Get Hit in the Face With Lemon Sharks After A Goddamn Live Shark Tank In The Middle of a Shoping Center Breaks

22. Looking At This Picture of Edith Bunker and Alice Cooper

23. Staring At This Insane Duck Penis GIF

24. Watching Scientologists Getting Sprinklers Turned on Them

25. Watching This Bumblebee High Five a Drunk British Guy

26. Looking At This Weird Scottish Internet Nightmare Video

27. Looking at This Photo of President Obama and Barbara Bush

28. Looking At This Weird Chinese Girl Dancing In An Apple Store

29. Staring At These Mesmerizing Robot Arms

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