Girls — but not boys — at Catholic high school take no-cussing vow

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Female students at Queen of Peace High School, a coeducational Catholic high school in a northern New Jersey suburb, have taken a “no-cursing” vow at the behest of school officials.

“We want ladies to act like ladies,” said Lori Flynn, according to Flynn, a teacher at Queen of Peace, coordinated the no-swearing — for females �“ crusade.

Male students at the school were not required to take the same pledge.

The school’s principal, Brother Larry Lavallee, voiced his support for the double standard, noting his belief that girls use profane language more frequently than boys.

Girls at the school were keenly aware of the unequal treatment. Nevertheless, many members of the female population supported the initiative.

Cursing is “part of everyone’s vocabulary but it doesn’t make you look educated,” Kathleen McLaren, 17, told

The pledge is a “good idea,” agreed Kaitlin McEnery, 16. “But putting it into action is the problem.”

Boys at Queen of Peace also approved of the no-cussing for girls pledge.

“It’s unattractive when girls have potty mouths,” declared Nicholas Recarte.

Recarte, a 16-year-old pitcher on the school’s baseball team, added that he routinely hollers obscenities from the mound when he makes mistakes — a habit he expected would remain unchanged.

Teachers told they hoped that boys at the school would improve their filthy language — even perhaps on the baseball diamond — if they saw girls fulfill their no-cussing vow.

School officials scheduled the pledge to complement Catholic Schools Week (January 27 to February 2) as well as the traditional romance associated with Valentine’s Day. There are pins with a red slash over a set of pink lips. Students who can avoid dropping f-bombs and other vulgarities for an extended period of time will receive lollipops.

Dressed in standard-issue blue shirts and khaki pants, the girls of Queen of Peace stood, raised their right hands and solemnly swore the no-cursing oath one day last week.

“I do solemnly swear not to use profanities of any kind within the walls and properties of Queen of Peace High School,” they said in unison, according to “In other words, I swear not to swear. So help me God.”

Flynn, the coordinator, then admonished the boys not to cuss “in the presence of ladies.”

However, the boys took no vow to God or anyone else. They are presumably free to be as profane as they like as long as there are no girls within earshot.

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