Paying $500 to buy girl as sex slave lands 37-year-old man in jail, Washington cops say

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An underage girl missing from Richland, Washington told police that two individuals “sold” her to a 37-year-old man in Oregon for $500, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The girl was trafficked in April 2020, months after Robert Aguilera held a rifle to her head in Walla Walla, Washington and “forcibly raped” her at his sister’s house in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, documents state. She was sold to Aguilera by a 21-year-old man and another underage girl, according to the affidavit provided by the Walla Walla Police Department.

Aguilera was arrested on Sept. 2 on accusations of assault, trafficking and rape, according to the affidavit.

The girl told investigators she felt “compelled” to go with Aguilera because of the incident where he threatened her with a gun. After the victim was “sold” to Aguilera, he brought her to a house in Walla Walla, “where she was gang-raped by four to five 18th Street gang members,” documents state.

Aguilera raped the victim “multiple times in multiple localities,” including: Walla Walla, College Place and Dayton in Washington and Milton-Freewater and Pendlton in Oregon investigators said.

“[The victim] stated she was very afraid of Aguilera and did what he wanted to avoid being physically punished by him,” the documents state.

While Aguilera held the victim in captivity, he gave her meth, heroin and fentanyl, according to investigators. The detective who interviewed the victim wrote that she was “covered in sores on her arms, legs and face” and many of them seemed to be infected, the affidavit states. Open lesions and wounds are a common side effect of meth use.

A witness familiar with Aguilera and the victim confirmed with investigators that she saw Aguilera get upset with the victim for going out on a porch and smoking a cigarette “without telling him,” according to the affidavit. The witness told a detective “that she could tell [the victim] was genuinely fearful of Aguilera.”

Aguilera was booked into the Walla Walla County Jail on Sept. 2, according to the jail’s inmate search. His bail is set at $50,000.

He is charged with use/delivery of drug paraphernalia, first-degree assault, second-degree rape, first-degree trafficking and failure to comply with authorities, according to jail records.

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