Gingerbread City offers climate change message

STORY: "The theme for this exhibition is climate change, in particular, sea level rise and storm surges, as well as other water-related issues such as water scarcity," said Sulan Kolatan, an architect and professor at Pratt Institute.

The Gingerbread City exhibition originated in London seven years ago and was initiated by the Museum of Architecture, a UK-based charity dedicated to promoting sustainable design ideas. This is the first year it is branching out internationally.

Louise Braverman's firm contributed a piece entitled the "Raindrop Art Museum." The piece features candy stairs and a water-like blue gel symbolizing how building designs can address our changing climate.

"This blue gel is running into the river," said Braverman. "Addressing the multiple changing water levels that we see in the future unless we address climate change as soon as possible."

This exhibition is scheduled to run until January 7, 2024.