Gilt for Weeks. This Meeker farm family brings award winning hogs to the Oklahoma Youth Expo ’24

Gilt for Weeks. This Meeker farm family brings award winning hogs to the Oklahoma Youth Expo ’24

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s ‘gilt’, not ‘guilt’ that’s valued and cherished, cared for and nourished over generations by the Weeks family from Meeker, OK.

Their animals are Commercial Gilts and Purebred Gilts in 18 different categories at the Oklahoma Youth Expo.

“If you make it past the first sift you get to the big ring and a second sift,” he explains.

It’s the largest show of its kind where 4-H and FFA students from all 6 corners of the state bring their livestock for judging.

For the weeks, it’s been months of preparation.

For Blake, a high school senior, this OYE is his last chance to compete.

“I’m glad to  be moving on,” he laments, “but I’m also going to miss it quite a bit.”

Over 23 weeks, all kinds of livestock roam the barns at the Oklahoma County Fairgrounds.

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For the Weeks kids, pigs are a way of life with feedings before and after school, sometimes even during school.

Blake’s little sister Baylee says her participation was a pre-destined legacy from the start.

Raising show pigs, she smiles, “Was kind of a given because both of my parents did it.”

Parents Jeff and Sarah roamed the stalls and halls of the OYE in the early 90’s, Jeff with cattle, Sarah with sheep.

They just didn’t meet here.

“We met at the OSU, not the OYE,” laughs Jeff.

What they agreed on were the lessons ingrained here with every early morning feeding and family time in the barn.

“I can think of no better way to prepare them for that next step in life,” he continues.

The first week of the annual Youth Expo was a busy one for both Blake and Baylee.

Commercial Gilts are a heavy burden with multiple categories and thousands of entrants.

Purebreds come just behind, every judge on their toes, hogs at their best, pampered with skin regimens, daily brushings, and carefully tailored diets.

Baylee explains, “So they look the best they can.”

The OYE is ‘gilty’ pleasure in its best, shiniest, form, hog heaven for Weeks at a time.

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Blake and Baylee’s hogs both performed well during the OYE’s first week.

One of his hogs took 1st place in its class, another took 3rd place.

One of Baylee’s hogs took 3rd place in her class.

2 of Blakes animals made the final, ‘night of stars’ sale for gilts.

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