Gift Ideas for Techies

Kristen Dyrr
Yahoo Contributor Network

The stores are overflowing with technology this holiday season. There are more gift options than ever before for the techies on your gift list. So what do you buy for a iPhone techie who already has an iPhone? Accessories, of course! Accessories can enhance any gadget, making it more useful or fun to use. Following are just a few iPhone accessory ideas for the techie in your life.

Scosche sunVOLT Solar Charger, $29.99

The Scosche sunVOLT Solar Charger works with any phone that charges through USB, including iPhones, and many other types of phones as well. It is a great way to charge a phone whenever the sun is out.

Codigo Cube, $8.99

The Codigo Cube is a fun trivia game for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android. It can be played anywhere using a QR Coded die. New questions are added daily for never-ending fun!

Ignition Case for iPhone 5 (Clear), $6.99

iPhone fans most likely have the latest iPhone 5. It's a beautiful phone, so why would a techie want to cover it up with a case? That's not a concern with the clear Ignition Case. You can see the cool phone design right through, while protecting it from damage.

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic, $29.99

The new Apple EarPods are fantastic! They are easy to use, fit perfectly, sound great, and stay in place. The remote allows you to control music and video playback. The remote, together with the mic, allows you to answer and end calls. The best part is that testing revealed that all remote and mic features work with a MacBook Air as well.

Ion iPics 2 Go Scanner for iPhone 4/4S, $69.99

The Ion iPics 2 Go Scanner is the most fun and entertaining way to turn 35mm negatives, slides, and 3x5 and 4x6 photos directly into shareable photos on your phone. It's small and portable, and easy to use. It is not designed for heavy duty, high production work, but is definitely designed to be entertaining and fun. The newest version of the app to be used with the scanner says that it works with iPhone 5. There is no statement online indicating the device works with iPhone 5, however. If not, it will likely be available soon.

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 5, $49.99

For tech geeks who need truly substantial protection for their phone, OtterBox is the way to go. It offers three layers of protection to prevent scratches, bumps, cracks, and shock.