Ghostbusters ‘Announcement’ Trailer Teases Epic Action


Sony Pictures have made it official: we can expect the first full-length trailer for this year’s ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot on 3 March.

To make sure we remember the date, they’ve released a 28-second ‘announcement’ teaser trailer.

And we’re really not kidding when we call this a tease.

Watch it below and see for yourself.

So, pretty much all we can tell you about Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ based on these very brief glimpses of footage is that it’s set in New York City, and involves some situation dire enough to require a huge armed response from both the NYPD and the Army.

Then just as we think we’re about to glimpse either a ghost or our new Ghostbusters, we cut straight to the old iconic logo, and hear a few notes of the refrain from Ray Parker Jr’s classic theme song played out on a somewhat eerie (even ghostly) piano.

Remake naysayers will doubtless note the correlation of this teaser arriving on the date that the psychic in ‘Ghostbusters II’ predicted the world would end.

Still, in these days when marketing campaigns have an alarming tendency to give away far too much (we’re looking in your direction, ‘Batman V Superman’), it’s nice to see a teaser that genuinely leaves you wanting more.

Of course, the real test will be on 3 March, when the full trailer arrives.

Well actually, the REAL test will be when the movie itself arrives on 15 July, but you get our point.

Picture Credit: Sony

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