California ghost town (and liquor license) can be yours for $225K

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
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Got $225,000 lying around? Want to pretend you're Clint Eastwood in "High Plains Drifter"? Have we got a Craigslist ad for you.

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The Northern California ghost town of Seneca is for sale by its owners due to health issues, according to the Craigslist post.

So what would you get for your investment? Let's just say it's a bit of a fixer-upper. The property includes a bar, three cabins in disrepair and nearly 10 acres. There are no utilities and getting to the "town" may take some work, especially during bad weather. 

According to a photograph of a town plaque included in the ad, gold was found in Seneca in 1851. The ad cautions prospective buyers that Seneca is remote with a capital R. Visitors must take a dirt road that has a 1,000-foot drop on the side, the Los Angeles Times reports. Additionally, the liquor license transfer is subject to a county approval process.

The bar, called the Gin Mill, can be opened at any time. The ad implies that buyers can change the name of the bar should they like.  Also on the property are remnants of a gold mine.

Jerry Manpearl, who has owned the property with a partner for roughly 40 years, told SF Gate, “I would love it if my kids would want to run the place but they don’t."

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