Germany to provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth $543 million

Boris Pistorius
Boris Pistorius
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German DM Boris Pistorius announced a new military aid package worth €500 million ($543 million) to Ukraine during press conference before meeting of contact group Ramstein, Tagesschau reports on March 19.

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He added that Germany would also send 10 thousand artillery shells from Bundeswehr warehouses to Ukraine in short terms.

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Also, new aid package will also include 100 armored infantry vehicles and 100 other vehicles.

On Feb. 26, the German government published a report on the shipment of military aid to Ukraine. In particular, artillery shells, drones, and demining vehicles were transferred.

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On Feb. 2, members of the Bundestag passed the state budget for 2024 in the second and in the third reading. Almost €7.6 billion will be spent on military aid to Ukraine.

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