Germany to send Ukraine tanks, U.S. likely to follow

STORY: The German government has officially announced that it will be sending its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, after weeks of diplomatic debate with its allies.

Starting with 14 of them, and the U.S. is likely to follow with their own Abrams tanks.

Kyiv has pleaded for Western tanks for months.

Germany's move also allows other countries like Poland to do the same – while Washington may supply dozens of its Abrams according to sources - although there’s been no official confirmation from Washington.

Ukrainian officials were quick to hail what they called a game changer in the almost year-long war.

Despite heavy losses on both sides, the front lines in the war have been largely frozen in place for two months.

Kyiv argues these heavy battle tanks would give it the firepower and mobility it desperately needs to recapture occupied territory.

But Berlin has been wary of moves that would cause Russia to escalate the conflict further.