Germany could nationalize part of Nord Stream 2 pipeline

The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline was not put into operation due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine
The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline was not put into operation due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine
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This would allow part of the pipeline to be connected to a floating LNG terminal that is already connected to Germany's gas transmission system.

According to Spiegel, this would allow the transportation of LNG, delivered and processed at the terminal on the Baltic Sea, to southern (Bavaria) and eastern Germany. So far, gas supplies to these regions depended directly on Russian supplies.

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Experts believe that such a plan is technically feasible, but, first, it could lead to serious environmental problems, and, secondly, provoke a reaction from the Kremlin – up to the nationalization of German companies in Russia.

Among other things, Gazprom still expects to resume the Nord Stream 2 project in two or three years.

The Kremlin has already reacted to the possibility of the nationalization of the German part of Nord Stream 2.

According to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov, there is nothing to comment on yet, as so far no concrete actions have been taken by the German authorities, Russia's Interfax news agency reported.

"Let's not deal with such hypothetical considerations," Peskov said.

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"Probably, if there are any concrete actions, it will be first of all a job for lawyers to give a legal assessment of such actions, if they are really being discussed. Without knowing the essence of what is happening, it would be wrong to say something."

Earlier, Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom warned that it would reduce gas pumping though Nord Stream from 167 million cubic meters per day to 100 million cubic meters.

According to the Russian monopolist, this was caused by the late return of gas pumping units that are under repair by the German company Siemens.

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Vice Chancellor of Germany, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Robert Habeck, in turn, said that Germany fears a complete cessation of gas supplies from Russia in the near future.