Georgia let in 6 Ukrainian citizens deported from Kherson Oblast by Russians

After 10 days at the border, Georgia has finally allowed six Ukrainian citizens to enter its territory, including five convicts whom Russia had previously deported from the occupied Kherson Oblast.

Source: UnMode human rights organisation

Quote: "Today, the entire group of Ukrainians was officially allowed to cross the border of Georgia. The Border Services did not provide any additional conditions or explanations."

Details: The organisation reported that the Ukrainians are being taken to a safe place.

Background: Earlier, six Ukrainian citizens, including five convicts who were forcibly deported to Russia, were stuck in the neutral territory between the borders of Russia and Georgia. Hoping to leave Russia through Georgia, the men arrived at the border on the night of 16 August. The Georgian border guards decided not to let them pass.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated that it is working to facilitate the return of the citizens.

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