George Lazenby admits sleeping with 1000 women during the Bond era

Lazenby... has admitted sleeping with 1000 women in the 60s - Credit: Rex Features
Lazenby… has admitted sleeping with 1000 women in the 60s – Credit: Rex Features

He might have only played 007 once, but George Lazenby made up for it in other ways.

Speaking to The Guardian, the Australian actor has revealed that he slept with ‘maybe a thousand’ women in the 60s.

“In the 60s alone there was sometimes three, four, five a day. For years,” he says.

“They had the pill. It was on script. I was a handsome guy from Australia.

“It was ridiculous. It really was. If you were handsome, and you had the balls to ask them – I mean, how many times you could get it up was how many times you could do it.”

The star was speaking around the forthcoming release of a new documentary about him called ‘Becoming Bond’.

Lazenby slipped into the role of James Bond following Sean Connery’s five movies, and prior to Roger Moore’s tenure.

He was the only Australian and the only one to have landed the role without having had any previous acting experience.

(Credit: Getty)
(Credit: Getty)

Prior to becoming Bond in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ in 1969, he was a car salesman on Park Lane, before being spotted by a talent scout for the modelling business who propelled him to stardom.

On resigning from the role after just the one movie, he said: “[The Producers] made me feel like I was mindless. They disregarded everything I suggested simply because I hadn’t been in the film business like them for about a thousand years.”

It’s said that he was offered six more movies, and a contract worth $1 million.

In the new documentary, he adds: “I had advice that James Bond was over anyway. It was Sean Connery’s gig and, being in the 60s, it was love, not war. You know, hippy time. And I bought into that.

“They also said there’s a guy called Clint Eastwood doing movies in Italy, getting 500 grand for a month, for doing a western. They said, you could do that. So I didn’t feel like I was losing the million dollars.”

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