‘Gaza Girls: Growing Up in the Gaza Strip’ – resilience in the face of adversity

Photojournalist Monique Jaques first traveled to Gaza to cover an eight-day war between Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas. That was five years ago, and she has returned again and again since then, driven to document the strength, creativity and vibrancy of Palestinian girls and young women.

When you’re a young girl in Gaza, your existence is defined by its boundaries, both literal and metaphorical — defined by both regional and cultural politics. Many women say that in a place as small as Gaza, it is impossible to be truly free.

“I am awed and haunted by their tremendous resilience, even in the face of unimaginable adversity. I also see so much similarity between these teenage girls and the teenage girl I once was, despite our different circumstances,” shared Monique.

Here’s a look.

FotoEvidence and Monique Jaques have teamed up to publish “Gaza Girls: Growing Up in the Gaza Strip,” stories of girls coming of age in a difficult place. The book will be available at the end of the year. Find more information and pre-order here. >>>

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