'Gay Jeans' Reveal Rainbow Threads as They Fade


Fri, 18 Apr 2014 09:16:30 PDT

From sparkly patches to acid wash, denim jeans have been subjected to their fair share of terrible trends. But here’s a new incarnation that we can support: gay jeans.

The idea is simple but brilliant. As the Betabrand pair wears out, its indigo dye fades and rainbow threads “come out.” Ten percent of sales will go to the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, which runs health and awareness programs in the city.

“The name is a pun on the issue of science finding the ‘gay gene’ and the debate over whether or not being gay is a choice,” designer Steven B. Wheeler explains. “Like me, they were born this way, and like me, they’ll come out in their own time.”

To get the denim made, he enlisted the help of supporters through crowdsourcing. Humor and good intentions drove the project forward. In the press release, a Betabrand “researcher” says, “We hope Gay Jeans will help end generations of exclusion and unfair treatment for atypical denim. All jeans deserve equal rights, regardless of color, creed, and fiber content.”

The project has almost tripled its goal of funding 200 units, which are available in slim fit and stretch skinny, with 26 days left. Of course, you don’t have to be gay to wear these. If you want to support Wheeler’s LGBT cause, order them here and receive your pair in August.

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