Garfield resident cleaning up after storm hits home

GARFIELD, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Cleanup is underway in Garfield after storms destroyed buildings and powerlines and blocked at least one highway with debris early on April 2.

As the sun rose in Garfield, residents were immediately faced with the destruction left behind from the storm that rolled through the city.

“I was scared to death,” said 20-year-old Duncan Art.

Art said he prepared as best he could for the storm that struck early Tuesday.

“I knew it was coming. I got up on my roof and secured some metal down. Put some screws into it. Didn’t have enough screws,” Art said.

Nothing could have prepared him for being in the center of the storm.

“I was sleeping. Woke me up. Shook the whole house. Sounded like helicopters landing in my living room,” Art said.

Art, his roomate, and his dog were able to leave the house unharmed, but it soon became clear that his first house, which he moved into over the summer, was never going to be the same.

“I just remodeled it. Put all this work into it. It just went down the drain. Having to rip out the insides I just put in,” Art said.

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It wasn’t just his home that was hit.

“I like my big trees and they got pushed over. I had me a shed there. It’s not there anymore,” Art said.

Art is determined to rebuild on his dream property heighboring where he grew up, and he won’t be alone.

“I knew he needed help so I came by.” said Joe Zgut.

Zgut is just one of several friends and neighbors who came over the moment they heard what happened.

“He’s a guy just starting out in life too you know. I remember when I was that way, and I probably would’ve needed the help. And, I’m glad people are showing up to help.”

“Trying to look at the bright side. Trying to look at the fact that I’m still here, and I still got walls standing,” Art said.

Art says that the reconstruction effort will take some time, but with the assistance of friends and neighbors, he feels confident he can weather this storm.

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