Galaxy Note III may get ‘gadget spam’ treatment, release in three sizes

Brad Reed
BGR News

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Size
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Size

Samsung truly does not care if you think it’s going overboard by releasing a seemingly endless number of smartphones every year. Engadget reports that Samsung may be bringing the “gadget spam” technique that it’s perfected with the Galaxy S4 to its upcoming Galaxy Note III phablet. Specifically, Engadget takes a look at the model number for the Note III and finds that Samsung has developed at least three different sizes for the device: One that’s 5.5 inches large, one that’s 5.7 inches and one that’s 6 inches. All three models were shipped to India “for R&D” purposes, however, so it’s not clear whether Samsung really plans to release all of them. The latest rumors on the Note III’s specs indicate that it will feature a 5.7-inch display, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor,  3GB of RAM, Android 4.3 and support for LTE-Advanced.

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