Galaxy Note 7 might be one of Samsung’s most expensive phones ever

Some of the smartphone shoppers looking for a new flagship phone this year might be waiting for the Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus to arrive before making a purchase. Pricing is always going to be a major factor that affects buying decisions, and a new report claims the Galaxy Note 7 might be more expensive than you’d expect. In fact, the phone might be as expensive as its biggest rival, the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

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A report from SamMobile says the Galaxy Note 7 could start at €849 in Europe, which is even €50 more than the already pricey Galaxy S7 edge. The cheapest iPhone 6s Plus costs €859 in Europe, which is probably what the most affordable iPhone 7 Plus will cost in September when it launches. Apple has kept iPhone pricing consistent over the last few years, even though it made changes to storage tiers.

The Galaxy S7 series is about as expensive as the iPhone 6s, so it only seems natural to see Samsung bump up prices for Galaxy Note 7 and target the same kind of buyers that Apple is going after. That said, it’s too early to say whether Apple or Samsung will win the upcoming phablet war. The Galaxy Note 7 will have monster specs if that’s what you’re going after. But the iPhone 7 might deliver better performance and could sport significantly better storage tiers.

Galaxy Note 7 pricing details for the US market have not leaked, but assuming SamMobile’s information is accurate, then the US version of the phone should be more expensive than the Galaxy S7 but on par with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Strong Galaxy S7 sales have had an impact on Samsung’s bottom line and also proved that people are still willing to spend top dollar for high-end Android handsets. So we shouldn’t really expect Samsung to launch a cheaper flagship phablet just yet, at least not as long as people are willing to pay iPhone-like prices for a new Galaxy S or Galaxy Note phone.

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