Galaxy S III gets wireless charging with simple 10-minute hack

Zach Epstein
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Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Hack
Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Hack

Wireless charging isn’t something that really resonates with smartphone users at this point, but it’s still a nice feature to have in the few smartphones that support it. While no wildly popular handsets include wireless charging out of the box, recent rumors suggest Samsung (005930) may look to make wireless charging mainstream with its next-generation Galaxy S IV. But whether or not the rumor pans out, Galaxy phone fans don’t have to wait for wireless charging thanks to a simple hack.

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CNET’s Sharon Vaknin dug up a nice hack put together by an XDA-Developers forum member, and she simplified the instructions in a recent how-to guide. With about $25 in supplies, Vaknin was able to add wireless charging to a Galaxy S III in about 10 minutes using the charging elements from an old Palm Pixi.

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The complete guide can be found via the source link below.

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