Galaxy Gear sequel to reportedly launch alongside Galaxy S5 next year

Brad Reed
Not even Chinese pirates want Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch will certainly go down as one of the tech world’s biggest duds of 2013 but Samsung is already hard at work to make sure that its second-generation Gear delivers where the first-generation model did not. And Korea’s ETNews reports that the next-generation Gear could come as soon as the first quarter of 2014 because Samsung is considering launching it alongside its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone early next year. One of ETNews’ sources says that the next-generation Gear “is about 15% to 20% thinner” than the first-generation model while adding that the Gear sequel will “further enhance convenience and portability.” Or to put it another way, Samsung seems confident that its next-generation Gear will be somewhat riper than the first.

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