Gaffe-prone Xbox boss Mattrick leaves Microsoft, could become Zynga CEO [updated]

Brad Reed
BGR News

Microsoft Xbox Boss Mattrick Departure
Microsoft Xbox Boss Mattrick Departure

Former Xbox boss Don Mattrick has left Microsoft after making a series of high-profile gaffes that caused Microsoft headaches during the launch of Xbox One. AllThingsD reports that Mattrick has not only left Microsoft but is “close to taking a top job at Zynga, the troubled online social gaming company, possibly as its CEO and working in close partnership with its founder and current CEO Mark Pincus.” Mattrick made headlines last month when he suggested that anyone who was unhappy with Microsoft’s Xbox One connectivity requirements should just stick with their current Xbox 360. He also defended the Xbox One’s $500 price, which is $100 higher than Sony’s PlayStation 4, by saying that the console is “over-delivering value” to consumers, who should see the console as a relative bargain.

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UPDATE: Zynga has confirmed that Mattrick has been hired as the company’s new CEO.

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