Gadget can track location of checked-in luggage, says L.A. company

The Canadian Press

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - A Los Angeles-based company says it has developed a gadget that can help air travellers track the location of their checked-in bags.

The palm-sized Trakdot device, unveiled at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, can be slipped into a suitcase and let travellers know — by text message or email — if the bag has arrived at the same city as them, or has been misdirected somewhere else, says GlobaTrac LLC.

As well, a smartphone app alerts passengers as their bag approaches them on an airport carousel.

The company claims passengers using the device will be able to track their luggage globally — "anywhere mobile phones work."

The unit goes into a dormant mode once an aircraft exceeds 185 kilometres an hour, the company says.

The product will be available in stores across North America in March with a suggested retail price of about $50, says GlobaTrac. There are also activation and annual service fees.