Gabrielle Union Wants to Star in a Rom-com with John Cho, Fans Refer to Idea as 'The American Dream'

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Twitter fans are asking Gabrielle Union and John Cho to co-star in a romantic comedy, and both actors tweeted their full support.

"Asking, nay pleading": A fan tweeted on June 21 that she was "once again asking, nay pleading" for Union and Cho to star in a romantic comedy together.

  • In her response, Union shared that she has been "trying" and tagged Cho to "just say the word."

  • Cho replied to Union with a fist bump emoji.

Their history: Union and Cho were former co-stars in the show "FlashForward," and fans have been asking for another collaboration between the two after their show was canceled in 2010.

  • Journalist and producer Bim Adewunmi stated that she had asked Union about working with Cho again because she is a "Demetri/Zoeyshipper for life."

  • Union replied that she has "tried to put Cho in every movie [she's] ever done since 'FlashForward.'" She thinks Cho "should be in everything" and that he is the "perfect leading man."

  • Adewunmi asked via Twitter who would hire her to "develop this Gabrielle Union and John Cho comedy-drama about a couple who renovates a B&B in Vermont" in 2017. Union saw the tweet months later and asked how she "missed this goodness," tagging Cho.

Fan reactions: Several fans on Twitter responded with excitement and stated that they would "pay good money" for a Union and Cho romantic comedy.

  • One user commented that they would "subscribe to whatever service to watch this," while another stated that she would be "the first one in line."

  • William Yu, the creator of #StarringJohnCho, reacted with a GIF saying, "This is the American dream."

  • #StarringJohnCho was a viral social media movement that "advocated for more Asian-American actors to be cast in traditional leading roles and to end the ongoing whitewashing of Asian parts in Hollywood," according to Vanity Fair. Yu photoshopped Cho's face onto various movie posters such as "Spectre" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Featured Images via NouTube (left) and Gabrielle Union (right)

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