Gabon oil workers to stay home until final election result: union

The remains of a burned car is seen outside Gabon's National Assembly which was set on fire during unrest following the disputed reelection of President Ali Bongo earlier this month in Libreville, Gabon, September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Edward McAllister

LIBREVILLE (Reuters) - Gabon oil workers will stay at home from Thursday over concerns about potential violence when a court delivers a final verdict on the central African country's disputed election result, their union said. The statement, signed by the union's deputy secretary general, Sylvain Mayabi Binet, added that the minimum service at Gabon oil installations will be assured by "expatriate staff whose families are not exposed to the danger of likely unrest". (Reporting by Gerauds Wilfried Obangome; Writing by Tim Cocks; Editing by David Goodman)