Fyre Festival 2 tickets selling out quickly despite lack of lineup or location, Billy McFarland claims

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Tickets for the lineup-less Fyre Festival 2 are selling out quickly, founder Billy McFarland claims.

The convicted fraudster appeared on “TMZ Live” Tuesday to talk about his latest attempt to put on a musical festival.

“We announced our first presale on Sunday, they sold out very, very quickly,” McFarland said, crediting the social media attention Fyre Festival has gotten for driving the sales.

Despite not having a lineup or location (other than “the Caribbean”), the $500+ tickets are getting scooped up because people are so curious to see whether he’ll actually pull it off, McFarland said.

“Everyone wants to watch. Whether I crash or land, they want to have a front-row seat,” he explained.

He added that interest from investors in the new festival increased after he signed a deal to turn the story of the first Fyre Fest into a musical.

The original iteration of the festival in 2017 was billed as a lavish VIP event in the Bahamas, but was canceled as attendees arrived amid sheer chaos. Those who made it to the island were met with anything-but-luxurious tents, trips on school buses and school cafeteria-style meals, including the now-infamous cold cheese sandwiches.

Ja Rule, Blink-182, Desiigner, Pusha T and Tyga were among the top-tier acts who were scheduled to perform for the (at least) $12,000-a-person crowds.

McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud over the debacle a year later and made a public apology from behind bars. He was released from prison early in May 2022.

McFarland, 31, added to TMZ that he wouldn’t have many responsibilities during the actual festival, whenever and wherever it happens, except cooking cheese sandwiches with Andy King, the viral star of a Netflix documentary about the first Fyre.

Fyre Festival 2 is expected to take place on Dec. 6, 2024 in the Caribbean, according to the festival’s website. Additional rounds of pre-sale tickets are said to be “coming soon.”