Future of Exchanges - A Historical Move of Token Cross - Listing for Bibox and Huobi Pro

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 25, 2018 / Bibox digital asset exchange and Huobi Pro, two of the top-tier exchanges are going to cross-list their tokens - BIX and HT on each other's platform. The announced trading pairs on Bibox are HT/BTC, HT/ETH, and HT/USDT, and accordingly on Huobi Pro, BIX/BTC, BIX/ETH and BIX/USDT.

Bibox is the first A.I. enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange which has been widely praised by traders, blockchain heavyweights and its users since its launch in Nov. 2017. Now the digital asset exchange platform operates in Europe, America, and Asia with a steady top -10 ranking and an average daily trading volume of 20 million to 40 million USD.

BIX, or Bibox Token, is one of the ERC20 standard tokens released by Bibox digital asset exchange. It plays an important role, bridging activities within the platform such as voting, airdrop, and transaction fee reward, and is an essential part that brings the Bibox ecosystem to life.

HT is the utility token in Huobi ecosystem. Some of the application scenarios include: HADAX listing voting, HADAX project deposit, Huobi Globla Ecosystem Fund, etc. HT holders enjoy a variety of benefits including dividends from exchange and Huobi ecosystem.

Although most of the digital asset exchanges have released their own tokens, this will be the first time in history that two mainstream exchanges cross-list tokens. This daring move is destined to break down the barriers between exchanges and will lead way to a healthy and collaborative future. As a milestone for decentralization and the building of trust in the decentralized world, this will definitely benefit both exchanges' users and create a foundation for potential resource sharing in the near future.

Website: www.bibox.com