Fundraiser starts for air reconnaissance drones for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces

The Come Back Alive (CBA) foundation and Ukrainian IT company Genesis are raising UAH 10.7 million (around $296,000) to provide air reconnaissance drones to Territorial Defense Forces, Genesis wrote on Nov. 2.

The fundraiser was launched as part of the “Zdiimemo rokit” project (loosely translated as “Rattle up” or “Let’s make some noise”).

Genesis, CBA, and the Territorial Defense Forces have been systematically cooperating since the beginning of 2023, with their first joint initiative being the “Captains' Training” course.

In total, they plan to purchase 54 quadcopters and 324 batteries for them, along with 36 portable and nine car radios, 30 tablets, 18 charging stations, signal boosters, flash drives, laptops, and monitors.

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The equipment will be allocated to the 112th, 114th, and 241st brigades of the Territorial Defense Forces, which are currently carrying out combat missions in the east and south of Ukraine.

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The drones, power supplies, and communications will enhance reconnaissance operations, making them more efficient and saving lives. The fighters will have the “picture” of the battlefield they need at a distance, enabling them to adjust fire, provide defense, and perform other tasks.

“This is a new joint project with the Come Back Alive foundation, one of the most competent teams supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” said Vladimir Mnogoletniy, the founder and CEO of Genesis.

“Genesis, together with partners, is making great efforts to provide systematic assistance to the army in the direction that we have identified as a priority. Soliders who have completed the ‘Captains' Training’ course will now be able to receive brigade sets to support their reconnaissance units. We are grateful to our fighters for their protection and are proud to be partners of the “Zdiimemo rokit” project, aimed for the victory.”

<span class="copyright">Genesis. Volodymyr Mnoholyetnyi, Taras Chmut</span>
Genesis. Volodymyr Mnoholyetnyi, Taras Chmut

Currently, 64% of the required amount has been raised, and anyone can join the fundraiser by clicking the link. The project has already received support from businesses in the Genesis ecosystem and partner companies, including Appflame, Solidgate, Quarks, Headway, Universe, and Legit.

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“Come Back Alive joined the development of Ukraine's territorial defense in 2020,” says Taras Chmut, director of the CBA foundation.

“Since the beginning of the new stage of the war, we have been working daily to provide units, including the Territorial Defense, with necessary ongoing assistance in equipment. We are also purchasing weapons for the Territorial Defense, such as mortars, machine guns, and grenade launchers.

“Together with the Genesis Group of Companies, we contribute to the training of combat officers. And these people need ‘eyes’ on the battlefield – drones for effective and safer reconnaissance. Thanks to our partners and everyone who joins our project."

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