Fundraiser aims to support family of CMPD officer who died of cancer

Community members are coming together to extend support to the family of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Det. Jason Grier.

Grier died in June from health complications from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 38.

“It pains me to share this information on Father’s Day of all days,” Jennings stated in a tweet. “We lost a member of our family last night – Det. Jason Grier – after battling health complications. He was only 38 years old.”

His colleagues at CMPD remember him as a man of faith, who loved serving his community, and adored his wife and two young children.

“We love him and we miss him,” said Detective Jared Decker, who worked on the same squad at Grier. “Jason was more than a coworker. He was a friend and someone I looked up to.”

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Since Grier’s death was not a “line of duty” death, his family is not eligible for many of the financial assistance programs they could really use.

However, his brothers and sisters in blue are doing all they can to help.

Detective Decker had an idea based on the badge number Grier had: 3333.

On Saturday, Sept. 16, the 3333 Fitness Festival will take place in memory of Grier.

The all-day event will take place at Latitude 35 CrossFit in Fort Mill, which donated their entire gym for free for the cause.

There will be a 5K with a twist. Instead of a 3.1 mile run, it will be a 3.333 mile run. Then, every hour on the hour there will be a series of CrossFit Hero Workouts honoring Grier based on his end of watch date, or the day he passed away. Since he died June 17th, 2023, the heats will include six rounds of six burpee box jumps, 17 pull-ups, and 23 American kettlebell swings. The buy-in for the rounds is a 3,333 meter row or bike ride.

While the entire event is going on, Grier’s colleagues and friends plan to complete 3,333 pull-ups in less than 24 hours.

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All proceeds will go directly to Grier’s family.

“Bills are coming down the pipe, mortgage still has to be paid, kids still have to go to school and so as much pressure as we can relieve from that family, the less stress it is on them, and that’s all that I’m trying to do,” said Decker.

“If it was my family and I had died - I’d want my friends to come along and help my family,” he added.

To purchase a ticket for the event, click here. If you cannot make it but still wish to donate, click here.

Organizers were also gifted a 2020 Harley-Davidson to raffle off in support of Grier’s family. Click here to donate.

To buy a Det. Grier Memorial Patch, click here.

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