A Full and Complete List of Everything Hip in D.C., According to #HipDC

Rebecca Greenfield
October 24, 2012
A Full and Complete List of Everything Hip in D.C., According to #HipDC

In response to my argument that our nation's capital is not a hip place and never will be, D.C. event's space VerdeHouse has started the twitter campaign #hipDC that asks people to tweet out all the #hip things about the city. In the spirit of equal time, we are going to list them all here.

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"We at verdeHOUSE think DC is hip in its own way and doesn’t play by the rules of NY, SF or other 'hip' cities," read the press release. "We’re asking you to dig deep and ask yourself, 'What makes DC hip to you?'" The release went out two days ago, earned coverage on a prominent D.C. blog, the Huffington Post, and even last night on the local news. We think it's fair to say that as Twitter hashtag campaigns go, this one has gotten pretty wide exposure. We have cataloged every single tweet that has used the #hipDC hashtag, minus the obviously sarcastic ones, and without further ado, here is every single thing that is hip about D.C. 

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The DC theater scene.

#DCtheatre is the 2nd largest #theatre market in the US! Artists are moving here from all around! @debraalfarone #DCtheatre #hipDC

— theatreWashington (@theatreWashDC) October 24, 2012

Wicked at The Kennedy Center. 

I hear Wicked is coming back to the Kennedy Center! #hipDC

— Joe S (@archimedes0105) October 24, 2012

Craft beer. 

Excellent #craftbeer is just 1 reason DC is a great place to live. Thanks @verdehouse @3starsbrewing @dcbrau @portcitybrew #hipDC

— DCBeerathon (@DCBeerathon) October 24, 2012

Food trucks.

What does #hipDC mean to me? Pretending to pick up a salad and then finding the most amazing food truck outside my office! @verdehouse

— Ashley Fidel (@bonafidel) October 23, 2012

Accomplished friends who go to keg parties.

Because everyone at your friend's kegger spends their days changing the world. #hipDC @verdehouse

— Alex Dodds (@Alex_in_DC) October 23, 2012


An urban fabric of history, change, power! #POTUS next door helps too. That & much more is what hip is to #DC. @debraalfarone @wusa9 #hipDC

— Morgan Greenhouse (@MLGreenhouse) October 23, 2012

The Library of Congress.

So, this tweet will be stored in the @librarycongress. Oh wait, that's in our backyard. So #hipDC. nyti.ms/TdWlvK #historic

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 24, 2012

Patriotic clothing. 

As a D.C. noob, I was amazed at how decked out everyone got in red, white, & blue for 4th of July. #HipDC

— Carla Saavedra (@CarlaSaavedra) October 24, 2012

Self promotion.

And can't a girl comandeer a hashtag for a little self-promotion? #hipDC emilyhoxworthart.com

— Emily Hoxworth (@emhox) October 24, 2012

A strong real estate market. 

#Washington #DC ranks among the top of #realestate investment markets in the #USA bit.ly/Ts2xMM via @wbjonline @cushwake#hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 16, 2012

Not being killed while riding a bike. 

This morning i was biking and i didn't get run over by a car #hipDC

— Claire (@ClairesHaus) October 24, 2012

Government employees rapping about politics. 

A #DC City Council rap battle? bit.ly/TzojUE via @scoutmobdc #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 24, 2012

The Julie Child's Kitchen exhibit at the National Museum of American History. 

Julia Child's former #DC home - we're curious what the kitchen looked like! bit.ly/RXYN9C #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 24, 2012

Being the hometown of a 1970s television star. 

Did you know Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman calls #DC home? bit.ly/RxeRPr #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 16, 2012

A Building Museum membership. 

Yes ow.ly/eJfLr RT @verdehouse: For this tour of Shaw we think a @buildingmuseum membership is worth it bit.ly/SgWc81 #hipDC

— NtlBuildingMuseum (@BuildingMuseum) October 24, 2012

Pop-up shops, fashion shows, and amazing people.

#DC is AWESOME. #popup shops, fashion shows, amazing people. All in a week! Proof of #hipDC washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk…@mlgreenhouse @verdehouse

— Ben Droz (@bendroz) October 24, 2012

Smart and powerful people. 

Yes yes yes! MT @coolmcjazz What could be hipper than a smart, powerful town w/ a world-class #DCarts community? #hipDC wcp.to/X3yLTR

— Morgan Greenhouse (@MLGreenhouse) October 23, 2012

Smart, interesting people.

Why is #DC hip? No other city has so many smart, interesting, active people–plus our incredibly vibrant #DCarts scene! #hipDC @debraalfarone

— Jason (@coolmcjazz) October 24, 2012

The ultimate Obama fan. 

RT #HipDC @dcist Your Obama fandom is nothing compared to the guy driving a chrome Obama Cadillac around D.C.: bit.ly/RW4IJh

— Sean Bredbenner (@SeanBredbenner) October 24, 2012

Art happenings. 

Philippa Hughes of @pinklineproject prescribes the coolest #DC art happenings. We think this makes her #hipDC bit.ly/RB89F3

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 19, 2012

People who have always thought D.C. was hip. 

I thought DC was hip before it was #hipDC.

— Jake Nelson (@JakeRNelson) October 24, 2012

The views.

Vista of @uscapitol on Pennsylvania Ave, @oldpostofficedc @usnatarchives to ur right. Wow. THAT IS #hipDC! @verdehouse twitter.com/MLGreenhouse/s…

— Morgan Greenhouse (@MLGreenhouse) October 23, 2012

Fall celebrations. 

#NoMa is celebrating fall in #DC TODAY! We’re expecting a cornucopia of good things bit.ly/RCJu67 @nomabid #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 17, 2012


.@corbett3000 & @istrategylabs are gearing up for #DCWEEK to bring innovators together. Bet they don’t agree > bit.ly/V50Bv5#hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 17, 2012

Drinking for charity.

Great to meet @nvilelle, a @causedc founder, a few wks ago! Best of luck w/ the #Philanthropub opening next week bit.ly/RyRVwe #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 17, 2012

A residential building project. 

We hope Donohoe Companies retains the original art intentions to keep it #hipDC bit.ly/R4B1rH right @readysetdc @mikegenki3 @bagnese?

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 18, 2012

Trendy start-up magazines.

We'll weigh in with the argument that trendy start-up magazines choose to make their homes here ;) Plus all those other start-ups. #hipDC

— The Intentional (@the_intentional) October 24, 2012

Lunch breaks. 

today I saw this guy with a tie in Dupont Circle just laying around in the sun. #hipDC

— Claire (@ClairesHaus) October 24, 2012

Late-ish dinners. 

Saw great Invisible Man Studio Theatre Sat nite dinner at Posto next door at 10:30PM patrons coming in after us like Barcelona #hipDC

— Marie Drissel (@AudreyHepburn10) October 24, 2012

This food:

Yes! Love it MT @elliotmtg #hipDC Ethiopian ($10/ent) Pupusas ($5/ent) Peruvian Chicken ($11/ent). Hip: finding the best places own your own

— Morgan Greenhouse (@MLGreenhouse) October 23, 2012

These restaurants:

Eating at @ tokiunderground @ greenpigva @ bakedandwireddc and @ standarddc #hipDC


— Michael Loiacono (@TheGreatMikesby) October 24, 2012

Dupont Underground.

@dupontundergrnd Thanks! We think the Dupont Underground is pretty #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 23, 2012

This gentleman's club:

If you haven't been to #EntreNous in #DC, then you may live in #hipDC, but you are not hip in DC! Legit.

— Michael Torres (@Mykalt45) October 24, 2012

Jazz in a church.

#hipDC Friday night jazz in SW at Westminster Church

— FJED (@FJED) October 23, 2012

Duke Ellington

Speaking of #DC music, #DukeEllington - so #hipDC. @listenlocaldc @coolmcjazz @verdehouse @dcjazzfest @jazzindc @capitalbop

— Morgan Greenhouse (@MLGreenhouse) October 23, 2012

Not becoming part of Fairfax County.

Some think #DC is becoming a suburb of Fairfax County. We beg to differ - what do you think? wapo.st/RPIusd #hipDC @washingtonpost

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 22, 2012

Expensive row-houses.

Sure evidence that #HStreet is #hipDC - rowhouses double in price over 10 yrs bit.ly/RdapoC @shilpipaul @urbanturf_dc #realestate

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 22, 2012

Talking about flea market fashion.

Couple talks #DC style and ability to mix flea market finds with contemporary #design bit.ly/SdOxJF #hipDC @washingtonian

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 22, 2012

"Hot #fashion accessories." 

Nov 26!“@verdehouse: #Popup in an igloo comes to #Dupont with hot #fashion accessories bit.ly/VjF5D1 @curbeddc @thestyleliner #hipDC

— TheStyleliner (@TheStyleliner) October 22, 2012

Free music.

Looking to continue the fun of Jazz in the Garden? Check out this series of FREE concerts at the @ngadc 1.usa.gov/QBHrNu #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 22, 2012

A library. 

New #DC #library: A Jewel Box for Literary Gems bit.ly/S262dK @thedcmud #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 21, 2012

Wearable crafts. 

Wearable crafts from the @smithsonian Women's Committee at the @buildingmuseum next week. We love this! bit.ly/T0r1k1 #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 18, 2012

Diversity and spirit.

Cataloging the diversity, spirit, and decent home prices of the #Edgewood neighborhood of #DC. bit.ly/PGobBs via @urbanturf_dc #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 20, 2012


#Amsterdam? Think again! Tour a bunch of #DC's very own houseboats TODAY bit.ly/S1Wr6W via @popville #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 20, 2012

A house that is round.

This #DC roundhouse is one-of-a-kind #hipDC bit.ly/Xob9Za via @urbanturf_dc #unique

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 19, 2012

"Must see fashion events."

5 must-see fashion events this wknd that are #hipDC bit.ly/RTpCci @sarahzlot @cityshopgirl @megbiram @hollyt81 - are you going?

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 19, 2012

These people on Twitter.

thx! @emhox: A few more putting the #hipDC in DC - @fathomgallery @soulstrong @jennacrowder @sesow @danaellyn @touchstonedc @tubmanmahanart

— Jenna Crowder (@jennacrowder) October 24, 2012

Talking about real estate.

Q&A with #DC's Susan Stine on the confluence of #realestate and #community bit.ly/X1CbGp @thedcmud #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 23, 2012

Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

We'll be so bold as to say this is one of the coolest tree lightings in the country. Enter to get yours! wapo.st/Tuha2g #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 19, 2012

The former home of a mayor.

Former home of @rahmemanuel on a beautiful and familiar street on #CapitolHill #EasternMarket bit.ly/TrBtO3 #hipDC

— verdeHOUSE(@verdeHOUSE) October 19, 2012

So there you have it, guys. Everything that's hip about D.C. Can we consider this discussion closed?