'Frozen Fever' short announced for 2015

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'Frozen' set for Broadway in 2018

The stars of Disney's worldwide hit "Frozen" will return in a short film set to arrive in Spring 2015, and another two scheduled to follow later in the year.

Composers of the feature animation's theme song, "Let It Go," are contributing a new tune to "Frozen Fever," while original characters Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf are confirmed to appear in a story centered around Anna's birthday.

Volcano short "Lava," previously announced, will act as extra incentive for cinemagoers to see "Inside Out" when it releases in June; "Feast," a story about a terrier pup and his owner, does the same for "Big Hero 6," due November.

Plans for the three shorts were announced during TV special "The Story of Frozen: Making an Animated Classic," which aired on Disney-owned US channel ABC the evening of September 2.