Couple describes catching burglary suspect in the act before fatal officer-involved shooting in Frisco

FRISCO, Texas - Frisco police said a burglary call led to a fatal officer-involved shooting Saturday afternoon.

It happened at the Legends at Legacy apartment complex near Legacy Drive and Lakehill Boulevard, west of the Dallas North Tollway and north of 121.

"I thought it was nice, it seemed like a really nice area," Kylie Lawley said.

Lawley and A.J. Steele got the keys to their new apartment on Friday.

After unpacking Saturday morning, the couple left around noon to get a U-Haul truck and pick up a couch.

When they got back a few hours later, the garage door wouldn’t open and maintenance had to open it manually.

"That’s when we saw the car," Lawley recalled.

It was a car that didn’t belong to them, and an unknown man was in the driver’s seat.

"I immediately walk up to the car window and knock on the window. ‘Hey, what are you doing in my garage, what are you doing in my garage?’ And he just rolled down his window and he started freaking out and really couldn’t get a word out," Steele recalled.

Steele noticed the door to the apartment was pried open, and when he tried to open it, the man yelled that someone was in there.

Steele walked out of the garage, and that’s when he said the man darted into the apartment.

The couple called police, and ten minutes later, they said officers were blocking the entrance and exit to the apartment.

"[Officers] originally thought he was going to barricade himself in here or something," Lawley said.

Frisco police didn't share details about what happened when officers got there, only saying officers found the armed suspect in the neighborhood across the street.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the man opened fire on the officers and the officers fired back, hitting and killing him.

No officers were hurt.

"We were honestly super surprised he was still in the area. We’re thankful he was able to be caught, nonetheless, and more thankful that me and her are both safe and sound," Steele said.

The couple said the suspect packed the trunk of his car with their belongings, including their electronics, college diploma, and clothes.

Broken hangers were scattered on the floor of the apartment and garage.

"The only clothes we have now are the ones on our back. He took every single other piece of clothing," Lawley said.

The couple is staying with family and working with the leasing office to figure out next steps.

"We definitely don’t feel safe in this unit. That is for sure. Hopefully we can sort something out with them," Steele said.

They are grateful they weren’t hurt.

"It’s definitely a traumatic experience, to say the least, very shocking to happen," Steele said.

The couple told me the suspect’s car was taken to the police station with their belongings still in the trunk.

It could be a few days before they get their things back.

The Texas Rangers are leading the investigation.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released.