Frigid Forecast Already Canceled School on Monday in Wisconsin

Connor Simpson
Frigid Forecast Already Canceled School on Monday in Wisconsin

Education officials in Madison, Wisconsin have already cancelled school on Monday ahead of dangerously frosty temperatures. 

The Wisconsin State Journal reports multiple school districts decided to cancel Monday classes a full 48 hours ahead of the opening bell because of forecasted temperatures that could cause serious physical harm. Madison temperature will fall around -15 or -16 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Accuweather. In Tennessee, some schools have already cancelled Monday and Tuesday classes because of expected frigid weather. 

It's the windchill — when high winds combine with low temperatures to make life even colder — that has the school officials so worried. On Saturday, the U.S. National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning in Wisconsin for the next three days, with a special emphasis on dangerous conditions Monday and Tuesday morning, when temperatures are expected to fall between -44 and -55 degrees. (That's the sound of children across Wisconsin cheering, by the way.)

Monday's windchill could cause frostbite, hypothermia or death, according to the warning, if proper precautions aren't taken. Translation: if you do leave the house, wear a scarf, hat and mittens. Or just don't leave the house! Unless you have Packers tickets, in which case, be safe. 

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