Frigid air can be bad for humans, but is it good for killing ticks?

The Arctic air responsible for the record cold in the Maritimes is good for at least one thing, right? Won’t it kill all the ticks?

Vett Lloyd, who runs the Lloyd Tick Lab at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., told The Weather Network "there are a number of factors that are increasing the number of ticks, but climate is a big one."

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This season's above-average winter temperatures in the Maritimes haven't helped. "We've had a pleasant, warm fall and the snowpack has really held off so we had a much longer fall tick season,” said Lloyd.

This is a good reminder to perform tick checks year-round if you're spending time outdoors through the four seasons. Bites were even reported in December in New Brunswick during the extended tick season.

So, could this current cold snap be the nail on the coffin for any ticks that remain out?

Watch the video above to see what the expert has to say on the potential affect the cold has on ticks.

Thumbnail courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.