Friend says Chiefs parade shooting suspect was only protecting him

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One victim shot in the neck at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl rally says his friend was only trying to protect him. But now that man is charged with murder.

That bullet that hit Marques Harris struck him in his neck and traveled out of his mouth. His mouth is nearly wired all the way shut now.

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But Tuesday night, he told FOX4 there’s no reason 18-year-old Dominic Miller should be charged in the Chiefs parade shooting.

Earlier Tuesday, Jackson County prosecutors announced Miller is facing charges of second-degree murder, two counts of armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.

“We were going to the parade. My brother – this dude mugged my little brother,” Harris told FOX4.

Harris said Lyndell Mays, another suspect charged Tuesday, was staring down his 15-year-old friend.

That 15-year-old asked Mays if there was a problem. Then, according to Harris, Mays started to talk trash to the teenager, and Harris interjected.

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“I pushed my little brother out the way,” Harris said. “As soon as I pushed my little brother out of the way, the dude stepped forward and proceeded to shoot me. I seen the firearm, and I turned and then he hit me in the back of the neck and went through my lip as I was turning away from him.”

That’s when the mayhem ensued.

Harris said Mays shot him, his friend Miller fired his gun — saying it was only after Mays fired his weapon and only in defense of Harris.

Prosecutors allege one of Miller’s bullets is the one that hit Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the woman who died in the shooting.

In video shared by TMZ Sports, you can see the moments when Harris is holding his face after being shot.

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“After I got shot, I walked off looking for help. I was looking for help, and I sat there after I got help. I just there and just prayed for a second,” he said.

According to prosecutors, Mays admitted he not only pulled his gun first but that he also fired first and advanced on the men.

“Y’all need to know that Domo didn’t play a part in going down there thinking he was going to be shooting 22 people — because didn’t nobody have intentions on 22 people getting shot,” Harris said.

This isn’t the first time Mays has faced charges. The 23-year-old just got off probation after two years for showing a handgun during a dispute while playing basketball at a Belton, Missouri, community center.

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“My condolences to Miss Lisa Lopez and the shooting victims. This was not intentional. It happened out of nowhere. It was an accidental situation literally,” Harris said.

As for Harris’s recovery, he’s on the mend. His mouth will be wired shut for another 6 weeks, and his ankle, where he was shot a second time, should heal in that same amount of time.

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