French Montana: Drake Wasn't Thinking About Joe Budden When We Made 'No Shopping'

French Montana: Drake Wasn't Thinking About Joe Budden When We Made 'No Shopping'

French sat down with MTV for a Facebook Live segment in which they retraced his busy weekend. For anyone that missed it, OVO Sound Radio debuted a total of three French tracks: a remix to “Lockjaw” with Gucci Mane added, a solo track titled “Two Times,” and “No Shopping,” an anticipated collab with Drake.

The last one was the most talked about since it included what sounded like Drake’s first real response to recent shots sent his way by Joe Budden. But, according to French, they maybe wasn’t the case.

“I don’t have nothing to do with that one,” French initially responded with a laugh when asked about the supposed shots by Drake. “I don’t think we did that record thinking about Joe Budden. I don’t think, I know that for a fact.”

The Mac and Cheese MC said that good vibes informed the song, not animosity.” It was just drinking, having fun, enjoying life. Just making a record about that. I don’t think we was in there thinking about anybody.”

French explains that “No Shopping” was in the works for years before finally coming to fruition. They were supposed to do a track since their last track, “Pop That,” which happened to be one of French’s most successful songs to date. Their schedules finally came together, allowing them to record “No Shopping.” French casually mentions something that could explain Budden continually saying how he heard Drake’s diss in advance.

“He actually had the song done for me,” French says early in the interview when asked how the song came together. “Cause I had another song I wanted him on, but he just had this one done already. Once I heard it, I was like ‘Alright, cool. You’re making my job easy.’ You know, he’s not so bad with picking hits.”

How far in advance Drake recorded the song and how the first version varies from the final is obviously up for debate. The Coke Boy rapper can say Drake’s lines weren’t tailored to diss Budden, but a quick read of the lyrics could easily dispute that.

French says the song’s accompanying video could release as early as this week.

(Via MTV)