Freida Pinto Dishes On 'Immortals' Diet

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Freida Pinto attends 'Immortals' Press Line during Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, Calif., on July 23, 2011 -- Getty Images

Freida Pinto lucked out when it came to filming "Immortals" - the beauty, who plays Greek priestess Phaedra in the upcoming adventure film, says that although she did have to watch what she ate in preparation for the movie, her male co-stars had to adhere to a much harsher regimen.

"I didn't have to keep it as strict as the boys had to," Freida told Access Hollywood of her male co-stars' (Henry Cavill as Theseus, Kellan Lutz as Poseidon and Luke Evans as Zeus) diet restrictions at the 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif., on Saturday. "I would see them and offer them fruit and they'd say, 'No, we can't have fruit.' And I'm like, 'Fruit? Fruit's healthy!' And they'd say, 'Yeah... but it's sugar.'

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"I just felt bad for them," she added.

The former "Slumdog Millionaire" stunner, 26, did have to make a few concessions ahead of filming the mythological film, but said she tries to maintain a healthy diet regardless of her shooting schedule.

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"I generally just take good care of myself," Freida told Access . "[I] just watch what I eat -- especially when you're going to be in a tight costume.

"You don't want to be bloated and sucking your stomach in," she continued. "You just want to be able to stand tall and let the corset do what it has to do."

"Immortals" is slated for theatrical release on November 11.

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