Freezing cat found alone in Wisconsin winter shows resiliency in recovery, shelter says

Thor the cat was immediately taken for surgery after the Wisconsin Humane Society saw the state of his ears, according to the Green Bay shelter.

His frostbitten ears were at risk of infection, the shelter said in a Facebook post. The surgery successfully removed the dead tissue.

Thor was found alone outside “during the coldest stretch of our winter weather” without access to shelter, the post said.

A foster family has been caring for Thor since he woke up from surgery, keeping a “watchful eye” on him as he gets better, the Wisconsin Humane Society said.

Thor has been getting all of the medication, cozy blankets and snuggles he needs to recover, the shelter said.

“Getting stronger and looking more handsome with each passing day, it shouldn’t be long before Thor is fully healed,” according to the Facebook post.

A couple is matching donations to the Wisconsin Humane Society up to $7,500 until midnight on Valentine’s Day. The shelter is asking for donations to support emergency medical care for animals like Thor.

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