"Free Russians fighting Putin's regime": Russian Volunteer Corps take responsibility for events unfolding in Bryansk Oblast

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The Russian Volunteer Corps declared that it was not a "Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group", but their soldiers who entered the territory of the Russian Federation on 2 March to show that free Russian people with weapons in their hands can fight against Putin's regime.

Source: Russian Volunteer Corps in social media; Andrii Yusov, representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, in a comment to Suspilne

Quote: "Right now on all Internet resources you can see news about the ‘Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group’ who killed children, took hostages, but at the same time fled in a hurry and so on.

All these are lies of Kremlin propagandists.

The Russian Voluntary Corps came to Bryansk Oblast to show [our – ed.] compatriots that there is hope that free Russian people with weapons in their hands can fight against the regime."

Details: Russian Volunteer Corps is a unit of Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine, formed in August 2022.

The situation has also been commented on in the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

According to Andrii Yusov, representative of the Defence Intelligence, the events in the Bryansk Oblast of the Russian Federation are an internal confrontation between citizens of Russia.

Quote: "The so-called Russian Federation is an absolutely unstable entity with a colossal number of internal conflicts: international, social, political. And indeed, there are such things, in particular, that speak of confrontation within the Russian Federation itself between the citizens of the Russian Federation itself.

This [statements of the Russian Volunteer Corps – ed.] shows that the people of Russia are probably starting to wake up against Putin's bloody dictatorship.

As far as is known, in particular from the statement of the Russian Volunteer Corps, they are not fighting against the civilian population, but exclusively against the Putin regime and those who serve it."

Updated: A Russian Volunteer Corps fighter confirmed to the Vazhnye Istorii news outlet that the Volunteer Corps went to the territory of Bryansk Oblast.

"I'm just from there. We had 45 people on this task. We came there, filmed our thing, ambushed two infantry fighting vehicles. I did not see any injured children. But there was one injured border guard. No hostages were taken," the unnamed Russian Volunteer Corps fighter said.

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